Kantar Consulting’s latest ShopperScape® data, collected in December 2017, indicates that 45% of primary household shoppers are now Amazon Prime members. That number represents a 24% increase year-over-year, and we estimate that approximately 57 million U.S. households now have a Prime membership.

Source: ShopperScape®, December 2011-2017, Kantar Consulting estimates; note: methodology for estimating number of households was revised in 2018 to be based on more accurate/consistent Census figures for number of households by age group.

We will be digging much deeper into our latest ShopperScape® data about how shoppers are using Prime and how it is impacting their shopping routines in the coming weeks, but this one number—45%—is fairly staggering on its own. However, after a year of new Prime benefits, additional Alexa devices, expanded delivery options, and a highly publicized acquisition, it’s no surprise that Prime’s value appeal is resonating with a much wider audience. That said, we can certainly expect Prime to reach more than half of U.S. households by the end of 2018.

While we work on that analysis, if you would like to read up on this juggernaut of a loyalty program that now reaches more households than many top U.S. retailers, we have you covered:

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