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Global Outlook for 2018

What can we expect this year in global retail? Kantar Consulting’s 2018 predictions cover global themes, major retailers, and six continents.

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U.S. Retail Outlook for 2018

What does the year hold for U.S. retail? Our 2018 predictions provide insights on macro, shopper, and channel trends and key retailers.

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Shoppers Are Poised to Embrace Online Grocery Shopping; Are You?

16 Jan 2018

By: Rachel McGuire

In an environment in which growth is hard to come by, understanding this evolving retail space—and this evolving grocery shopper—will be critical.

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What Do Sam’s Club’s Closures Mean?

12 Jan 2018

By: Timothy Campbell

There's more to these closures than meets the eye.


How Do Prices at Target’s Small-Format and Discount Stores Compare?

11 Jan 2018

By: Ben Antenore

We checked in on Target’s shift to EDLP and investigated if the small format offers the same kind of value found at Target’s typical store.

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Dollar General’s Q3 2017 results and analysis

10 Jan 2018

By: Mike Paglia

Kantar Retail takes a look at Dollar General’s strong Q3 performance as well as the retailer’s recently laid out plans for 2018.

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Switch On Growth with Kantar Consulting

8 Jan 2018

By: Bryan Gildenberg

Kantar Retail joins forces with Kantar Vermeer, Kantar Added Value, and Kantar Futures to form Kantar Consulting.

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2017 Year in Review: A Look Back at Key Themes Across U.S. Retail

Kantar Retail’s 2017 Year in Review publication features all the major themes and events that shaped U.S. retail in the past year.

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Key Topics Addressed at Kantar Retail’s Insights Conference 2017

Insights Conference 2017 showcased our latest thinking, facilitated important conversations and illuminated new pathways for growth. We created this summary to highlight key themes and help clients navigate the breadth of insights covered.

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Costco Q1 2018 Results and Analysis: Soaring to New Heights

3 Jan 2018

By: Timothy Campbell

Costco’s robust Q1 performance gained strength from rapid online growth, strong holiday sales, and stabilized renewals.