Threading the Needle: Will Sam’s Club’s Bold Strategy Work?

21 Oct 2016

By: Timothy Campbell

Sam’s Club is no stranger to challenging times, and the club’s ongoing reinvention is an effort to remain a competitive in an unforgiving retail environment. But are these initiatives enough to succeed?

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Amazon Wants to Become an Internet Service Provider

21 Oct 2016

By: Malcolm Pinkerton

It seems a day does not go by without Amazon launching a new product or service, or at the very least speculation that it is about to. Is Amazon soon to become an Internet Service Provider?


Triggering the Impulse Purchase Online

20 Oct 2016

By: Alvaro Morilla

Understanding the techniques available to drive this all important purchase is now essential. Impulse is possible online, if you know which levers to pull and when to pull them.


Thinking through Amazon’s New C-Stores: Four Areas of Consideration

19 Oct 2016

By: Meaghan Werle, Elley Symmes

Amazon reportedly intends to expand its brick-and-mortar presence with new small-format grocery stores that are exclusive to Prime Fresh members. Kantar Retail assesses how Amazon will evolve its AmazonFresh offering into an offline environment.


Carrefour Group Q32016 Results: Between The Investor’s Hammer and a Hard Market Place

19 Oct 2016

By: Tudor Popa

On the last stretch before the 2016 holiday season Carrefour remains grounded in between its challenges and opportunities.

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The Fashion Basics: Primark

18 Oct 2016

By: Tiffany Hogan

Primark focuses on delivering “Amazing Fashion” at “Amazing Prices,” offering fast fashion at rock-bottom prices.


September Retail Sales: Modest Growth Weighed Down by Falling Food Prices

18 Oct 2016

By: Doug Hermanson

According to government-reported sales results, growth slipped in September to its slowest rate this year. Food deflation intensified in September, dampening nominal growth. Spending plans also inched lower due to slower job growth.

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Shoppers Press Pause on Retailer Rationalization

18 Oct 2016

By: Rachel McGuire

The number of retailers in shoppers’ consideration sets has leveled off at just over nine in 2016, and some key cohorts of shoppers have even expanded their retailer sets slightly this year.


Costco vs. Amazon: Defending the Club Against a Growing Threat

Increasingly, Costco is competing with Amazon for the same pool of shoppers. How can Costco suppliers respond to this competitive threat?

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Shopper: Exploring Health and Wellness via High-Interest Shopper Segments: Tailoring and Transforming

14 Oct 2016

By: Kate Senzamici

“Health” and “wellness” are two distinct concepts—encompassed by different needs, attitudes, products, and trip missions. This initial article of a two-part series explores the Tailoring and Transforming quadrants of the Health & Wellness Retail Motivation Framework.