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Walking the Box: Whole Foods Market

9 Dec 2016

By: Elley Symmes

Whole Foods has recently worked to improve its price perception by implementing a more hi-lo pricing strategy. Suppliers should look to play a role in helping the retailer with this process by partnering on cross-category sales/promotions and digital coupon initiatives.

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Ahold Delhaize USA Q3 Results: Business as Usual

9 Dec 2016

By: Elley Symmes

Ahold Delhaize USA announced its first quarterly results as a merged company this Q2. The combined retailer is seeing steady momentum but will face some core challenges for its business going forward.

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The Shopper View of the Holiday Season

7 Dec 2016

By: Mary Brett Whitfield

Shoppers’ 2016 holiday spending and shopping plans are similar to last year’s, but with even greater emphasis on online shopping and digital engagement than in previous holiday shopping seasons.

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Kantar Retail 2016 Top 50 Global Retailers

Kantar Retail’s latest rankings of the top 50 global retailers feature some movement in the top 10 as well as some power shifts further down the list.


Kantar Retail 2016 Top 50 US Retailers

Kantar Retail’s latest rankings of the top 50 US retailers show stability at the top, but some shifts further down the list.


Auto-Replenishment: How Brands Can Exploit the Potential and Avoid the Pitfalls

6 Dec 2016

By: Alvaro Morilla

As shoppers increasingly look for frictionless ways of shopping, more categories move to auto-replenishment schemes. Is it possible to impact shoppers when they choose only once?


Home Improvement Pricing Study Shows Rising Consumables Opportunity

Kantar Retail embarked on its first-ever home improvement consumables pricing study to see how the prices of consumables at Home Depot and Lowe’s may impact shoppers’ approach to buying these products at these retailers.

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Cyber Week 2016: eCommerce Visual Overview

Retailers ramped up their digital efforts over Cyber Week by shifting their focus from item deals to elevated shopper connections. 

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Home Improvement Q3 2016 Results and Implications

2 Dec 2016

By: Nicole Santosuosso

This quarterly report summarizes the highlights from the third quarter of 2016 at Home Depot and Lowe’s. Home Depot outpaced Lowe’s in overall sales and comps growth. Home Depot contributed its strong quarter to favorable weather and an extended outdoor project selling season.

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November's Insights - My Perspective

1 Dec 2016

By: Bryan Gildenberg

Welcome to a summary of what was obviously an eventful month in both the macro and retail landscapes! Events are this month’s themes, and no summary of November 2016 would be complete without a point of view on the event of the US Presidential election.