The Cannabis Consumer Study: North American Spotlight

19 Apr 2019

By: Catherine Lang

With 4/20 fast approaching and being six months since Canada legalized recreational cannabis we shine a spotlight on not just who the cannabis consumer is but also why they consume, how they purchase, and what trade-offs they make across varied North American markets.

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Seasonal retail pulse: Spring 2019

Kantar’s cross-channel spring seasonal review examines how retailers got shoppers ready for warmer weather in 2019.

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Drug spotlight: A look inside at Walgreens’ Humana partnership

18 Apr 2019

By: Ben Antenore

Walgreens’ partnership with insurance giant Humana marks the drug retailer’s next step in senior care.

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Hidden gems of the grocery channel: Q2 2019

17 Apr 2019

By: Elley Symmes

Our Hidden Gems series is designed to highlight ideas and themes from smaller retailers that Kantar Consulting does not track regularly. Read what innovation happened this quarter in health & wellness, store format developments, and digital/technology.

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Mastering eCommerce Fundamentals: Creating digital product copy

15 Apr 2019

By: Kevin McCoy

Mastering eCommerce Fundamentals is a monthly series that provides tactics that can immediately and positively impact your eCommerce execution. This month will focus on how to create product copy that highlights product details and ranks at the top of search.

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Dollarama: The five slides you need

15 Apr 2019

By: Amar Singh

Check out Kantar’s overview of Dollarama for a SWOT analysis, shopper profile, financial review, summary of key initiatives, and supplier implications.

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Way Day 2019 recap

12 Apr 2019

By: Hannah Hayes

Wayfair held its second annual “Way Day” event on April 10-11. While this year's event continued to drive awareness, it had a notably deeper focus on creating loyalty with existing shoppers. In this report, we examine key trends and opportunities to align with this new retail holiday.


The ‘Amazonization’ of healthcare: What’s next for retail?

11 Apr 2019

By: Brian Owens

As Amazon wedges its way into healthcare, CPG brands, pharmaceutical companies and retailers will be forced to concentrate less on profit and more on consumer health outcomes.

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Walmart global Q4 FY 2019 and year-end results and analysis

In Q4 FY 2019, Walmart grew 1.9% with performance buoyed by strong U.S. results but hampered but some intentional global drawdowns with future challenges, both planned and unplanned, on the horizon.

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Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Q2 2019: “A very disappointing quarter”

10 Apr 2019

By: Ben Antenore

CEO Stefano Pessina was blunt in his assessment of Walgreens Boots Alliance's recent performance, remarking that it was "a very disappointing quarter."

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Q&A: How Storr is unlocking the power of peer-to-peer selling

9 Apr 2019

By: Meaghan Werle

Storr CEO and co-founder Eric Senn and Chief Business Officer Torie Crown discuss how this new platform is ‘helping people monetize their individual brand.’