Expand eCommerce opportunities by developing successful
multichannel digital retail strategies aligned to shoppers'
changing paths to purchase.
  • Countdown to Insights Conference: Five Ways AI Will Impact Retail and CPG Suppliers
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is already within the average consumer’s reach. When you ask Alexa ...
  • Amazon-Whole Foods 10-Week Update: Analyzing Three Key Shifts
    Ten weeks after Amazon officially acquired Whole Foods, Kantar Retail weighs in on three movements regarding the integration.
  • The eBay Opportunity for Manufacturers
    eBay is working to attract more business-to-consumer sellers and improve the shopper experience. The retailer has had some success with these ...
  • Understanding the Prime Member
    This session will: Assess Prime audience reach across the Amazon ecosystem. Explain how and why Prime members shop Amazon. Consider the shopping ...
  • Mastering Amazon Marketplace: Considerations and Insights on Third-Party Sales
    In this session, Kantar Retail will: Identify cross-functional implications of selling on the ...
  • Annual Shopper Review: An In-Depth Look at the Amazon Shopper
    While Amazon’s overall shopper base now exceeds 60% of households, Prime’s penetration now stands at 37% of U.S. households. Effectively capitalizing ...

Identify and leverage emerging trends in digital retail, technology, supply chain, and marketing to grow eCommerce and better target shoppers across multiple channels.

Understanding Pure Play Retailers

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Amazon North America: Q3 2017 Results and Analysis

21 Nov 2017

By: Meaghan Werle.  25 Slides

In addition to examining Amazon’s latest financial results, this slide summary report highlights key North America initiatives in Q3 and important themes moving forward in 2017.

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Alibaba continues to pursue its “New Retail” strategy, investing USD2.9bn for a 36% stake in Chinese hypermarket operator Sun Art – the country’s largest hypermarket operator. France’s Auchan Retail will up its stake in Sun Art to match Alibaba’s, and by doing ...


Alibaba’s Ambitious “New Retail” Philosophy Goes into “Hyper-Drive”

21 Nov 2017

  By: Tudor Popa

Alibaba continues to pursue its “New Retail” strategy. With the celebrations of its Single’s Day success barely over, Alibaba is once again splashing the cash.


The eBay Opportunity for Manufacturers

6 Nov 2017

  By: Christina Anderson

eBay is working to attract more business-to-consumer sellers and improve the shopper experience. The retailer has had some success with these initiatives, but needs to work on elevating the platform. Here’s how manufacturers can take advantage of both the improvements and shortcomings to stand out.

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And here we are, another month full of Amazon news. The eCommerce behemoth reported it Q3 results, continuing its path to global dominance, and beating all expectations reporting sales up 34% to USD43.7 billion. My colleague Malcolm Pinkerton covered the results here. Some highlights are ...

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The Shoppers' Evolving Path to Purchase

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Shopper Snapshot: 2017 Omnichannel Apparel Shopper

16 Oct 2017

By: Tiffany Hogan.  8 Slides

Apparel shoppers continue their steady shift into digital and mobile shopping.

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Capturing Impulse Shopping Occasions Online

9 Oct 2017

By: Christina Anderson.  31 Slides

eCommerce presents new challenges in capturing and creating impulse shopping opportunities. Brands and retailers must adapt and innovate to create the solutions, content, and experiences that drive impulse purchases online.

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Shopper Planning Premises

25 May 2017

By: Rachel McGuire.  39 Slides

In many respects, shoppers have been relatively stable in their approach to shopping and spending over the past several years. However, the rise of fragmentation, uncertainty, and new retail disrupters are ushering in some changes.

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Shoppers Today: How Digital Engagement Fits Into the Big Picture

27 Apr 2017

By: Mary Brett Whitfield.  35 Slides

Over the past couple of years, shopping behavior has been characterized by streamlining, simplifying, and the continuing search for stress-free experiences.


A Mobile Cause: How Mobile Apparel Shoppers Are Redefining the Store

27 Oct 2016

  By: Tiffany Hogan

While the U.S. market is woefully overstored and continued store count reductions are on the horizon, ShopperScape® data confirms that there is still a need for stores as part of many shoppers’ ideal shopping experience.

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Developing Multichannel Strategies


Amazon-Whole Foods 10-Week Update: Analyzing Three Key Shifts

8 Nov 2017

  By: Elley Symmes, Meaghan Werle

Ten weeks after Amazon officially acquired Whole Foods, Kantar Retail weighs in on three movements regarding the integration.

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The Retail Strategies That Are Reinventing Logistics and Supply Chain

6 Nov 2017

By: Tudor Popa, Kantar Retail Research Team.  24 Slides

With retail competition stiffening and the pace of change accelerating, the supply chain follows a similarly abrupt transformation. We help clear the complexity by zooming-in on the three inter-dependant retail strategies that are reinventing logistics and supply chain.

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Organizational Design

26 Oct 2017

By: Alice Fournier, Reid Greenberg.  28 Slides

Do you have the winning team in place? If not, what roles and responsibilities do you need to win in eCommerce? Do an exercise and report back on what our top Digital and PowerRanking® clients look like from an organizational design standpoint


Carrefour Keeps Afloat in Q3 2017. The Quiet Before the Storm - Part 1/3

23 Oct 2017

  By: Tudor Popa

Despite it being the first full quarter of operations with CEO Alexandre Bompard at the helm, the results cannot yet be credited or blamed to his leadership, but more to the reaction of the organization to the transition period it is currently undergoing.

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At Walmart’s annual Investment Community Meeting this week, executives presented a confident and optimistic front, citing successes across comps, eCommerce growth, and expense management over the last year as evidence that their approach is working.   But the more striking theme ...

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Staying Ahead of Emerging Trends


The Key Drivers of Temporary Retail—Pop-Up Retail in Europe

17 Nov 2017

  By: Kantar Retail Research Team

The most recent pop-ups Kantar Retail has experienced indicate two key drivers of temporary retail: build credentials around a category or a seasonal offering; overcome digital barriers to purchase by bridging the online and offline spaces.

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Apparel Retailers to Watch: A Guide to Key Initiatives from Q3 2017

10 Nov 2017

By: Tiffany Hogan.  19 Slides

Innovation in subscription boxes, and creative new partnerships showed that fashion retailers are willing to go outside of their comfort zone to find new areas of growth.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is already within the average consumer’s reach. When you ask Alexa to play music or order diapers, you are interacting with AI. Simply put, AI is intelligence presented by machines rather than humans. In the example of Amazon Echo’s Alexa, “she” ...

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Point of Buying Assessments

26 Oct 2017

By: Alice Fournier, Reid Greenberg.  23 Slides

Review point of buying assessments and agree on the priority areas by customer. Stress-test your U.S. eCommerce strategy to reaffirm and build momentum. Stretch your thinking.

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Disrupters and Innovators; Recognizing the Emerging Players Early On

26 Oct 2017

By: Alice Fournier.  13 Slides

With the rise of indie digital brands, your risk of being disrupted, or "Dollar Shaved," is clear and present. Learn how to be an innovative disrupter rather than a displaced incumbent.

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