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  • eCommerce and Digital Glossary
    Our guide to key digital and eCommerce terms and acronyms.
  • Nearly One-Half of U.S. Households Now Prime Members
    After a year of new Prime benefits, additional Alexa devices, expanded delivery options, and a highly publicized acquisition, it's not surprise ...
  • Shoppers Are Poised to Embrace Online Grocery Shopping; Are You?
    In an environment in which growth is hard to come by, understanding this evolving retail space—and this evolving grocery shopper—will be critical.
  • U.S. Consumables Retailers Omnichannel Review
    This report assesses the omnichannel positioning of top consumables retailers in the US. It provides overall perspective, strategic positioning, ...
  • Spotlight on Key Online Grocery Players: AmazonFresh
    Amazon continues to innovate its online grocery service, by expanding to new markets, exploring unique partnerships and new ways of shopping, ...
  • Planning Against Rising eCommerce Stars
    In the rapidly shifting eCommerce landscape, new brands and retailers emerge quickly and have the power to be very disruptive, no matter how small ...

Identify and leverage emerging trends in digital retail, technology, supply chain, and marketing to grow eCommerce and better target shoppers across multiple channels.

Interactive Chart: Amazon and Prime Penetration

Amazon's rise as a retail force has been swift and steady. To better understand the growing reach of Amazon among shoppers, use this interactive graphic to see the multi-year trend in shopping Amazon.com and Prime membership.
Line: Percent of U.S. Households Shopped Amazon.com during Past Four Weeks
Bars: Percent of U.S. Households with Amazon Prime Membership*

Understanding Pure Play Retailers

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After a transformational year for Ocado, the online grocery retailer reported full year results in line with analysts’ revenue expectations, but missed profits due to investment in technology. For the 52-week period to December 2017, revenues rose 12.4% to GBP1.3bn. For the first time, ...

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Unboxing Stitch Fix

24 Jan 2018

By: Tiffany Hogan.  23 Slides

Get an overview of the subscription service's mission, target shopper, business model, financial performance, and growth strategies, as well as the implications for brands and retailers.

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Ocado’s bid to become a major technology provider for online grocery retailers its bearing fruit. After the long-awaited deal with Casino in France, Ocado is presenting itself as a best in class technology provider for those retailers wanting to quickly expand into the online grocery market. Sobeys ...

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Prime Pantry and Prime Now Shopper Update

19 Jan 2018

By: Meaghan Werle, Rachel McGuire.  19 Slides

As more shoppers consider online for consumables shopping/purchasing, Amazon’s Prime Pantry and Prime Now offers address key “trip” missions. Not only are more shoppers using these services, but more are integrating Prime Pantry and Prime Now into their monthly and weekly shopping routines.

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Spotlight on Key Online Grocery Players: Peapod

21 Dec 2017

By: Elley Symmes, Rachel McGuire.  9 Slides

The first-mover in the increasingly crowded U.S. online grocery space has the advantage of a more tenured shopper base that tends to shop more regularly and spend more per “trip” vs. its newer competitors, but continued success hinges on Peapod’s ability to differentiate.

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The Shoppers' Evolving Path to Purchase

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Ingenious Innovations and Initiatives-February 2018

8 Feb 2018

By: Kantar Consulting Research Team.  14 Slides

This report brings you the latest and greatest innovation in retail, why it is important, what you can learn from it. We scour the globe each month to bring you the most exciting innovations and initiatives in customer experience.

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The State of the Pro Contractor Shopper

20 Dec 2017

By: Laura Kennedy.  14 Slides

For the third year, Kantar Retail has conducted a survey of pro contractors to continue to parse the preferences and habits of this complex—and significant—customer group. In this particular survey, we were interested in learning more about the pro’s path to purchase at home centers and Amazon.

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Front of Store Technology - How Stores Connect with the Omnichannel Shopper

8 Dec 2017

By: Tudor Popa, Kantar Retail Research Team.  17 Slides

A recent look at how the digital and physical worlds continue to blend calls for a review of the existing front-of-store technology, and the prospects for the future.


Cyber Monday 2017: Drawing Shoppers In With Hype, Not Just Deals

28 Nov 2017

  By: Kantar Retail Research Team

Cyber Monday 2017 broke online sales records recording over $6.5 billion in sales, a nearly 17% increase in digital sales vs. last year’s event. Once again, Cyber Monday was not a 1-day event but rather the culmination of “The Turkey 5” that drew in shoppers with hype and excitement, not just deals.

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Shopper Snapshot: 2017 Omnichannel Apparel Shopper

16 Oct 2017

By: Tiffany Hogan.  8 Slides

Apparel shoppers continue their steady shift into digital and mobile shopping.

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Developing Multichannel Strategies

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In the second quarter of 2017, Target launched a same-day delivery pilot from its Tribeca location in Manhattan. With the opening of an additional two small-format stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn and the acquisition in August of last-mile delivery platform Grand Junction, the service has expanded ...

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Walmart quarterly review

29 Jan 2018

By: Laura Kennedy.  9 Slides

Walmart logged strong comps through the middle of 2017, and growth continues to be driven largely by traffic. eCommerce also played a consistently large role in both quarters’ strength as the retailer continued to build fundamentals around merchandising and fulfillment.

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Leclerc - The Five Slides You Need

5 Jan 2018

By: Tudor Popa.  8 Slides

Leclerc is the largest hypermarket and eGrocery retailer in France and one of the most healthy growing players in the market.

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U.S. Consumables Retailers Omnichannel Review

2 Jan 2018

By: Kantar Retail Research Team, Christina Anderson.  61 Slides

This report assesses the omnichannel positioning of top consumables retailers in the US. It provides overall perspective, strategic positioning, a SWOT, and fulfillment and digital communication for Peapod, Albertsons, Kroger, Aldi, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

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Spotlight on Key Online Grocery Players: Walmart Online Grocery Pickup

21 Dec 2017

By: Laura Kennedy, Rachel McGuire.  9 Slides

As Walmart looks to further expand its Online Grocery Pickup service, which has resonated strongly with Walmart shoppers thus far, Walmart is poised to bring online grocery shopping into the mainstream in the U.S.

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Staying Ahead of Emerging Trends


Digital Retailing Webinar: Planning For the New Retail Digital Will Usher in the New Year

25 Jan 2018, 11:00 AM EST

In the U.S., 2017 saw digital reach continue to escalate across touchpoints. In turn, we are entering an era of "New Retail," in which shoppers experience an ever-more seamless connection between online and offline. This evolving retail environment demands new skill sets from retailers and manufacturers alike. Join Kantar Retail as we reflect on the elevation of omnichannel in 2017, how this trend manifested during the holiday season, and expectations for its evolution throughout 2018. As ...

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Global Outlook for 2018

16 Jan 2018

By: Kantar Consulting Research Team.  58 Slides

What can we expect this year in global retail? Kantar Consulting’s 2018 predictions cover global themes, major retailers, and six continents.

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U.S. Retail Outlook for 2018

16 Jan 2018

By: Kantar Consulting Research Team, Diana Sheehan.  54 Slides

What does the year hold for U.S. retail? Our 2018 predictions provide insights on macro, shopper, and channel trends and key retailers.

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Next year looks set to be the year of voice. Kantar Retail’s ShopperScape® found that 12% of U.S. households owned either an Echo or a Google Home device by July 2017; up from 5% in October 2016. Given the strong growth, voice-controlled devices could reach 1 in 5 households by after ...

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Popping Off the Digital Shelf: Pack Design and Delivery for Online Optimization

14 Dec 2017

By: Reid Greenberg.  53 Slides

With products no longer needing to be differentiated on the physical shelf, how is package design changing for CPG manufacturers? How do you think about innovative and disruptive ways to deliver your products directly to the consumer in an efficient, beautiful, and cost-effective way?

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