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As the holiday shopping season gets into full swing, all eyes will be once again on stores and mall-based retailers to see how they will weather this key shopping season. The mall landscape continues to shift and change as ...

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Emerging Macro Retail Trends Webinar: Minding the Children - What Shifting Household Dynamics Mean for Retail

15 Nov 2017, 11:00 AM EST

Households with children remain an essential segment for manufacturers and retailers—that hasn't changed. But plenty has changed in terms of the demographics, category purchase decisions, and shopping behavior of this segment. In this webinar, we will give you the insights you need to profitably capture the spending of current and future families. As part of this discussion, expect to learn: How the widening income divide has affected households with children The growing geographic ...


US Channel Grocery Retailing Webinar: Finding Real Innovation in Grocery - The Hidden Gems of 2017

9 Nov 2017, 01:00 PM EST

In a time of minimal store growth and peak store saturation, innovation in grocery is increasingly important. This innovation is often concentrated in regional, more nimble food retailers and can indicate where the larger industry is headed. As we progress towards the end of the year, explore what innovations have taken place in 2017 and understand what to look for in 2018 and beyond as suppliers and retailers look for future growth opportunities. As part of this discussion, attendees can ...


US Home Improvement Webinar: The Home Improvement Shopping Experience - Capitalizing on the Box

2 Nov 2017, 01:00 PM EDT

With growth consistently above the retail average, the home improvement is an outlier in a time where big box growth is lagging. To continue success as new technology enters the market and more shoppers shift preferences towards digital and convenience, key home improvement retailers will need to modernize the box to better align with shopper expectations. As part of this discussion, attendees can expect to learn: Kantar Retail's latest forecasts for home improvement performance this ...